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Just showing my writing skillz with some good lovin'. This is post-AC, by the way, since I didn't mention that below and I'm too lazy to scroll down. -_-

Title: Behind the Scenes
Characters: Barret Wallace x Cloud Strife
Rating: R? (I wouldn't say NC-17 yet since there was no bits described but it's obvious what they are doing)
Word Count: 3560
Dedication: fireholly all the way

He was late… again.

Actually, the man was generally always late in his mind. Damn heroes needing to make a goddamn entrance, or that was what he told himself. He knew he was just being impatient, especially with the way he tapped his fingers against his bicep and moments later his foot on the ground. He was going to yell at the other man… or at least give the little shit a piece of his mind.

He allowed a frustrated growl when he could pick up the sound of a motorcycle in the distance, muttering the words, “goddamn slacker” several times. He stopped tapping his foot when he finally caught sight of the black motorcycle, but he was still very impatient about having to be so delayed in their meeting. It was so rare that he would have thought the other man would at least bother to show up on time.

Maybe he just hated the fact he had shown up early and wondered why the other did not.

He managed a hard-nosed, battle-hardened glare when the other man finally pulled up nearby and shut off the engine of the motorcycle. Instead of marching himself over and shoving the smaller male off of the motorcycle to lecture about timing and how annoyed he was, he reined himself in to simply glaring. The fact that small blonde didn’t give him any mind made him glare a little harder, now trying to burn a hole in the other man’s thick skull to draw attention to himself.

Cloud stepped off of Fenrir and pulled the sunglasses down from covering his eyes, finally looking up to meet the heated glare he was receiving. He ignored it as he usually did and just walked over to the much larger male, crossing his arms over his chest. “You came early again, didn’t you?”

“Fuck you, Strife,” Barret snapped back, lifting a hand as if the strike the blonde, but he didn’t bother to actually connect with the threatened hit. “You’re late!”

Cloud gave Barret a raised eyebrow look and casually pulled out his cellphone to regard the time displayed. He lifted his eyes again to regard the larger male. “By ten seconds,” he said and then shrugged his shoulders in that casual manner that he knew nearly sent Barret into orbit.

Barret managed another glare at Cloud and his bionic hand clenched with effort to control his temper. He was more bothered by the fact that the blonde occasionally did things to purposefully get a rise out of him, and they met so rarely that it seemed Cloud had a habit of getting out all those annoying gestures in the first ten minutes of them meeting up. It had to be a test of his patience and his urges to just strangle the other male into submission.

He normally hated the fair-haired people of this world. When he listed off the people he didn’t like, they were always fair-haired and in need of the largest explosion the planet had to offer. There was an arrogance about those pale light coloured hair people that just got under his skin, and it only got worse the greater the age difference between himself and the person in question. He tended to hate indiscriminately when it came to the blondes, silver-haired, and even those little strawberry haired people (Nanaki excluded, of course).

Cloud was just a messed up version of the mould, and Barret was convinced that it was the obnoxious spikes that littered the top of Cloud’s blonde head. It just wasn’t normal, and it was nothing to be arrogant about. Of course, it helped the Cloud was not completely arrogant either, just mildly so when needing to annoy him, but mostly… the little blonde was quiet and commanding, two qualities he liked...

…unfortunately, on Cloud, it was two qualities he really liked.

“Are you going to stand there all day,” Cloud asked without a hint of amusement or mockery in his voice. He knew Barret’s bad habit of thinking too hard for too long, and it was not something he bothered himself with when it actually occurred. “Where are the maps?”

Barret grunted softly and looked around the small grassy outcropping he had chosen as a meeting place. “Maps? What the fuck you talkin’ about?”

“You left a message on the answering machine saying that you wanted to go over some maps with me about finding another oil field. Where are they,” Cloud asked and looked around for the mode of transportation that Barret had used to get to this place. He thought he saw a truck hidden behind a large patch of trees, but it was unlike Barret. The man had all the subtly of Meteor crashing on the planet.

Barret went silent and gave Cloud a stare instead. He hated admitting lying, especially when his motivations for such a meeting were purely selfish but that was exactly what he had done. He refused to admit with words, so he simply covered the ground between them and grabbed the blonde’s shoulders, really hating that spaulder at that moment. “That thing is always in the damn way… you don’t even need it, so why don’t you take it off?”

“You’re asking me to strip?” Cloud inquired softly. There was no mockery in his voice.

There was a very long silence as Barret scrambled to find something to say in response to such a blunt question; he hated it when Cloud asked such blunt things… made him slightly flustered. He quickly realized that there was actually nothing to say in the response to it that would do either of them any good. Instead, he dropped a hand down and grabbed one of the buckles that held on the spaulder, tugging on the annoyance roughly. “Take off the stupid armour…”

“You didn’t answer my question…”

“I don’t fucking have to… the armour needs to go,” Barret snapped and shoved Cloud with the hand still holding the blonde’s shoulder. He then dropped his hand down and pulled more on the buckle, an accomplished grin appearing when it loosened and then unclipped completely. His big hands dropped and fiddled with the other clip next.

Cloud stood in silence watching Barret work on the many buckles of his clothing. The larger man was terribly impatient, half the time not even bothering to wait for clothing removal. Given Barret’s size, he found a vague amusement watching the larger man get frustrated with his clothing and occasionally glare at him like he had dressed in such a manner on purpose.

The second buckle was obviously giving Barret some grief as there were more than a few muttered curses and obscenities along with an increase in roughness. He lifted gloved hands and seized Barret’s wrists, pulling the larger man’s hands back and ignoring the accusing glare he was given immediately. Instead of paying Barret’s expression any mind, his own hands slipped to the buckle and easily undid it, rolling his left shoulder so that spaulder slipped down his arm into his hand, the material that normally covered his left arm going with it.

“’bout fucking time you helped me,” Barret accused and once again grabbed the blonde’s shoulders, looking around like this meeting was some large secret. And it was.

They rarely met alone, and even more rarely was the blonde in the mood for any play. Mostly, they could meet when with others like Tifa, but it clear from interaction that no one had any idea his attraction to the blonde and Cloud was about as easy to read awake as he was asleep… so not at all. Still, somehow, somewhere along the way, they managed the occasionally meeting with one another, and it was half the reason for his impatience all the time. He would have preferred more frequent meetings, but Cloud insisted it would raise suspicions. Barret thought that the blonde was full of shit.

Cloud allowed himself to be walked over to the truck and even wandered the short distance to peer in the back. There was some oil mining equipment stacked neatly near the driver’s cab, and he noted that Barret was now fiddling with what appeared to be a radio device, whether to turn it on or off he couldn’t be sure. He simply watched and then casually dumped his spaulder on the driver’s seat before leaning himself back against the cab.

“So we really aren’t going to look at maps then,” he finally questioned softly.
The words drew Barret back from the task he was doing and peered over at the blonde. He finally just shook his head and dumped the radio back in the truck next to the abandoned spaulder. He looked down the height difference between them and set a hand on the metal next to the blonde’s head silently, contemplating what he wanted to say. He wasn’t good at talking about these kinds of things and Cloud knew it. “We can do somethin’ else.”

“Ah,” was all Cloud said in reply. He noted that one of Barret’s eyebrows twitched in annoyance to such a simple response, not much to build a conversation on Tifa would tell him. “And what did you have in mind then?”

Barret’s eyebrow twitched again in annoyance. He could tell that Cloud was going to make him say it. After two and a half years of infrequent trysts and Cloud was still driving for the simple words that would probably get everything going. He hadn’t got such words out yet either. “You know,” he finally replied gruffly.

“Do I?”

“Quit being a fucking ass,” Barret snapped and shoved Cloud’s shoulder. This was the arrogance that kept him coming back for more of it. It was subtle, infrequent and let him feeling like he had to beg for what he wanted and even then it could be denied to him still… because Cloud was just the kind of man. “You fuckin’ know why I invited you here…”

Cloud looked at his gloved fingers instead, and Barret shifted more in front of him, as if trying to cage him in so that he couldn’t simply run away. It was Barret’s underlying fear that he would suddenly call off the little that they had which probably kept the larger man from just pinning him and attempting to ravage him. No, they had to do this uncomfortable little dance around each other first. That was how it always worked, and he would be the one to call it off when he had had enough of it.

“Strife…” Barret warned in the silence.

Barret was using his last name now, which meant that the larger male was going to whine soon if he kept this up. While it was quite humorous to watch such a big man whine at him, it seriously killed any mood because he was usually too busy trying to figure out how to capture the moment and show Tifa or even Cid.

He stared up at Barret and finally sighed heavily, a key sign he was giving up their little dance of awkwardness. He leaned more heavily against the truck and reached out with a gloved hand tentatively, his fingers brushing against the ribbon that was around Barret’s wrist. First contact, the ceasing of their game for more serious matters.

It was a cue, and it took only moments before there was a flurry of activity. Cloud found himself hard against the cab of the truck, his shoulder blades jamming hard in the metal as his sweater was jerked up and his pants becoming the victim of Barret’s hurried attention. He was in no way passive himself, one arm wrapped around the larger man’s neck to keep his feet off the ground and one leg wrapped firmly around Barret’s thigh as his free hand went to work on the button of the larger man’s pants.

Their trysts were always hurried but passionate, probably never more than an hour spent out of their clothing. Barret’s impatience always built up for the moment where they both admitted the attraction for that small amount of time, and he never wasted time in feeling the shiver of pale muscles under his touch. It was never long enough, or perhaps it was just that the time between was much too long… he never complained for the entire time that they were involved in the quick ritual of stripping.

And today was a hurried job, it appeared. Cloud barely managed to hike up the fishnet undershirt after tossing aside the jacket before enough was enough of that kind of foreplay. He allowed Barret command only because it was the only way to keep the larger man from molesting him randomly after, and the control seemed to make Barret calmer too.

He had little time to prepare himself before he was jammed hard against the driver’s seat, his top half near pitched into the truck itself. Damn impatient… he thought before a loud groan left his lips as his sweater was tugged half down his arms, effectively pinning them at the elbow. Barret was towering over him, arms wrapped in a near suffocating hold around his stomach area, gripping him hard to both hold him in the truck and refuse to release him.

Barret grappled the smaller male as one hand dropped down and shove the dark material around Cloud’s hips down. He couldn’t hold in a shiver as the pale skin of Cloud’s backside came to press up against his hips, finally allowing himself a moment as he buried his face into the soft blonde spikes of Cloud’s hair. His hold around the smaller male’s waist tightened to the point where he knew he was probably beginning a slow suffocation on Cloud, but he also knew the little blonde wouldn’t tell him to stop either.

Cloud gripped with one hand onto the seat cushion of the truck while reaching back with the other and set the other on the back of Barret’s head. He sensed the touch drive the larger man back into action, and he was pressed harder into the truck cab before he dropped his head down to rest against the cushion as Barret’s fingers probed him. He gritted his teeth at the slick fingers stretching him out, and he knew their tryst would be a quick one.

His hold on the seat cushion increased to the point where he was hurting his own fingers and his back arched so his shoulders touched to Barret’s chest. He couldn’t help the low moan that left his lips as he felt himself filled, and the act was only accented by the sudden nibbling on his now exposed throat. His pushed himself back harder against Barret’s hips, the smallest touch of a smirk appearing at the corner of his lips at the loud groan for his action. He knew exactly what made Barret tick.

Barret managed a half-hearted glare at the near-pleased expression on Cloud’s face, and he gave the smaller male a sharp thrust that pitched Cloud’s shoulders forward again. It was his turn to give a wolfish grin when blue eyes shifted around to regard him and he pulled one arm from being wrapped around Cloud’s waist and setting it against the seat cushion just behind the blonde’s arm. He leaned down at the same time he was placing his arm, breathing in the smell of Cloud’s hair… the blonde was using Tifa’s shampoo again.

Cloud turned his head a little to peer over at Barret’s face near his head, pushing his hips back again towards Barret’s, and he was rewarded with a sharp buck. He bowed his head down when Barret set their pace, and he found his ribs jam harder against the seat of the truck with each one. Impatient… was all he could think even as he rounded out his shoulders and grunted softly to each thrust.

Barret settled himself so he knew he was probably doing a bit of minor crushing of the small blonde, but this was their moment, a rare occasion where he had Cloud all to himself. He selfishly clung to every second that they were together, finally releasing all of the pent up desire onto Cloud in one solid bout of togetherness, even if he knew the truck wasn’t the most comfortable and knew he was hurting the blonde even a little bit. He knew Cloud could take the punishment without making a fuss about it.

He quickened his pace and moaned into Cloud’s ear, biting the lobe soon after as he tightened the hold he had when he felt Cloud slipping a little from the truck. He hadn’t really thought this through, but then again… he had just wanted to see Cloud for a little while so he could assure himself of what they secretly had with each other. And he was assured, as Cloud responded in a subtly passionate way with him, always pushing him when he threatened to slow or pause to adjust them. It was either a shift of pale hips back or a hand gripping his wrist or even a soft moan that only he managed to pull from the blonde. He prided himself on that even as he was assured and urged to continue.

Cloud moaned as his eyes slipped closed as they finished their rather uncouth coupling, allowing damp forehead to touch against the seat as Barret lay all the weight against him. It hurt and made breathing difficult, but he knew after this, they would get dressed again and have to wait for the next time. So, it was with acceptance that he half-lay against the seat cushion and just allowed a few more moments between them, even going so far as to tighten the grip he had on Barret’s wrist as a signal for the larger man to stay a little longer.

Cloud only had rare moments of wanting to stay with him longer than necessary (usually in some awkward and probably uncomfortable position too), but he settled immediately. He took every rare moment he could and tightened his grip around Cloud’s midsection, and he hiked the blonde up more into the truck so he wasn’t jamming Cloud up against the fire extinguisher anymore.

Cloud made a soft ‘hmm’ sound as he half lay in the truck, finally opening his eyes and turning his head to regard Barret behind him. He noted that, since he had given a rare signal for them to stay close a little longer, Barret was hesitant to let him go at all and lose the moment. “So where did you put those maps you wanted me to look at?” He wiped some sweat from his brow.

“…there were no fuckin’ maps,” Barret finally conceded. He hated it when Cloud demanded answers when the blonde already knew the truth.

Cloud made another thoughtful noise as he propped himself up on an elbow, looking strangely comfortable despite how uncomfortable the position actually was. “I suppose that you will have to bring them next time so that we can go over those plans that you wanted,” he said offhandedly, but the comment was anything but.

Barret remained silent for a long time as he attempted to stare a hole right into Cloud’s spiky hair to determine if what the blonde said really did have that underlying meaning. He decided for the first time that caution was required. “What you sayin’? You wanna look at maps with me to find oil fields?”

“I have Wednesday off next week,” Cloud replied softly, allowing an eyebrow to rise in question at Barret. “If you happened to come into town, I would be at the garage. We could go over them if you remember to show up and bring them.”

“…I’ll be there at ten,” Barret managed to get out even as his arm tightened around Cloud’s waist. Was that… a whole day to themselves? He could have counted the number of whole days they had spent together on his two hands, but to do so, he would have to release Cloud.

Cloud nodded simply and shifted, gently pushing Barret back and sliding to his feet again. He bent and pulled up his trousers and did them up, casting a look back at Barret who was fixing clothing as well. He looked around for his discarded armour as he pulled his sweater back into place. “If you want to stay the night to see Marlene, I’m certain Tifa will make room as she usually does.”

Barret simply nodded, trying to figure out what Cloud meant by that comment. Sometimes puzzling out the blonde took all day, and it usually left him with a headache afterwards. Damn annoying blonde, he thought and shoved Cloud’s shoulder. “You leavin’?”

“I have a delivery to make in Kalm, so I should be off,” Cloud said simply and walked over to his spaulder casually, dusting it off when he retrieved it. “I suppose I will see you Wednesday then… and don’t forget those maps this time.”

“Yeah, yeah, get lost, you asshole,” Barret snapped and waved Cloud off. He glanced at the clock in the truck; they had spent just under forty-five minutes together and now the tryst was over once again. He could look forward to the possibilities of next week, since such meetings were so rare.
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