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FIC: Givin' It a Shot is Good Enough, Right? [3/4]

Title: Givin' It a Shot is Good Enough, Right? [3/4]
Author: dmitchell1985
Betas: misumisu84 and polaris_etoile
Summary: Race winning and losing and chocobo-kicking, oh my!
Rating: PG-15 (??) - for some language.
Pairing: Cloud Strife/Barret Wallace
Warnings: Game spoilers for the second visit to Gold Saucer, but it follows my own line of what the evening/storyline entailed, with the exception of the canon character/secret reveal bit. And, er, the language.
Disclaimer: We all know the drill. I don't own the characters or canon information included in my fic and I agree to give the characters back when I am done ruining them beyond repair playing nicely with them.
Chapter Word Count: 2,370
Total Word Count: 8,181
Author's Notes: As always, thanks goes to my betas, misumisu84 and polaris_etoile, for double-checking my work for me. Also, all "Star Wars" mentions belong to George Lucas. See the end of the very last chapter for a few extra notes that address Canon Correctness (Copyright rights on that?) and such.
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Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Four


Catching the blush on Cloud's face, Barret couldn't help but wonder what had set the kid off.
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