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FIC: Givin' It a Shot is Good Enough, Right? [4/4]

Title: Givin' It a Shot is Good Enough, Right? [4/4]
Author: dmitchell1985
Betas: misumisu84 and polaris_etoile
Summary: And then there was condiments and Keystones. . .
Rating: PG-15 (??) - for some language.
Pairing: Cloud Strife/Barret Wallace
Warnings: Game spoilers for the second visit to Gold Saucer, but it follows my own line of what the evening/storyline entailed, with the exception of the canon character/secret reveal bit. And, er, the language.
Disclaimer: We all know the drill. I don't own the characters or canon information included in my fic and I agree to give the characters back when I am done ruining them beyond repair playing nicely with them.
Chapter Word Count: 3,435
Total Word Count: 8,181
Author's Notes: Well, this little series is over, since it was mostly finished about two years ago and it took me this long to both tack on the ending (last year) and find betas for it (this summer). I definitely thank those who read this fic and enjoyed it. As always, thanks goes to my betas, misumisu84 and polaris_etoile, for double-checking my work for me. Also, all "Star Wars" mentions belong to George Lucas. See the end of the very last chapter for a few extra notes that address Canon Correctness (Copyright rights on that?) and such.
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Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three


In the split moment before all of hell greedily devoured them. . .
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